Thursday, 20 January 2011

Help wanted with names

It seems that some 92nd were missing from our original list. To help with the search for all the 92nd, please can anyone help with some answers or even best guesses!
  1. How many 92nd originally joined up on 22nd May 1959?
  2. What was the name of the chap that died on Summer camp?
  3. The following names were labeled as being being ex-91st. At least some of them are wrong. Can you remember any of them? Any information would be most welcome.
  • Roy Andrews
  • Mick Benn
  • Chris Bradburn
  • Geoff Davies
  • Simon Ellis
  • G Graham
  • Clive Ing
  • John Kennedy
  • Pat Scrace
  • ? Sizen
  • Pete Webber
Thanks very much. Enter here or email me
Chris Tett


  1. A look on the 91st website only mentions R. Martin as having been promoted to the 92nd entry.

  2. Don Donnelly was killed at summer camp. He was ex 91st.Was in my tent at camp.
    Simon Ellis was also FT from 91st.

  3. Going by service numbers I would think you are right with your list. The only one I would query is Geoff Davis.

  4. Simon Ellis and John Kennerdy were both Ex 91st.

  5. Clive Ing was another ex 91st member.

  6. @Geoff @Roger
    What do you make of Simon Ellis being in your 92B first term picture?

  7. Simon was with the 92nd from day one. Got sick in his first term with 91st.

  8. I have a listing of the original 92nd and it has 88 on it. 87 UK plus one Rhodesian. Ten of these are just a service number (no names).I think these went into man service early. We could possibly work these out. Seven passed out with the 93rd.So by my calculation 71 of the original entry passed out as 92nd and I think 12 ex 91st passed out with us.
    Does anyone remember the name of the guy who bought himself out in the early weeks? (Judd?)

  9. Have had a few problems but now hopefully OK. I think the person Geoff was referring to is Chris Donnelly (not sure of surname spelling)

  10. Entry posting list gives J/T Davies as 685599. He is the blank space after Brian Doswell. I think Chris and I now have the full list of the initial group known as 92nd. My only question now would be why does the numbering jump from 685624 to 685628 (ie there are no 625,626 and 627? Ain't life exciting?