Saturday, 15 January 2011


Those who used the old Feedback spreadsheet will hopefully find this easier to use so please continue to send in your positive or negative feedback.
Feedback, as we know, means prizes...

Martin Eversfield
Hi Alan, thanks for the link to the Indian website. The World's Fastest Indian is a favouite movie of mine.

Geoff Corby
I think missing name in middle row of 92D is Rob Lewsey

Further finds in class 92E. From the initial entry photograph I think that Ken Jarvis is in the centre of the front rank and Roy Smith is on the far left of the centre rank.

Martin Eversfield
Francis is third from left of front rank in class 92A

Martin Eversfield
Hi Alan
The picture of class 92E lists Francis Johns at far right of rear rank. I am pretty certain that it is Dave Bridges, he was discharged early because of his failing eyesight. Front row far right is "Titch Philips" isn't it? Third from left of centre rank is McPherson.

Stan Murray
No complaints Alan. I log in most days and I'm just glad someone like you knows enough to set up the website and keep it going.

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  1. Francis Johns was in 92A - hadn't realized he had a doppleganger.
    Cheers, Francis